list buffer:
command lsb

delete last buffer:
command deleteb

list sessions on server:
tmux info

kill tmux server and all it's sessions:
tmux kill-server

kill specific session:
tmux kill-session -t session1

set -g prefix C-x
unbind C-x
bind C-x send-prefix
set-window-option monitor-activity on

scripted tmux:
tmux new-session -ds session1 -n irc "irssi -c" && \
tmux new-window -n top top && \
tmux attach-session -t session1

~* tmux freezes my terminal when I attach to a session. I even have to kill -9
  the shell it was started from to recover!

Some consoles really really don't like attempts to set the window title. Tell
tmux not to do this by turning off the "set-titles" option (you can do this
in .tmux.conf):

     set -g set-titles off