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Editor: rgouveia
Time: 2014/04/04 18:51:16 GMT+2

-<p> The following config worked on OpenBSD 5.3, arch AMD64 as of 2014-04-04</p>
<p> The following config worked on OpenBSD 5.3, arch i386 as of 2014-04-04</p>

The following config worked on OpenBSD? 5.3, arch i386 as of 2014-04-04

The hardware is a Huawei K3765

Tested with Vodafone, Portugal


 set device /dev/cuaU0
 set speed 115200
 set phone "*99#"
 set timeout 0
 set login
 set ifaddr
       \"\" ATZ OK-ATZ-OK AT+CGDCONT=1,\\\"IP\\\",\\\"internet.vodafone.pt\\\" OK \\dATD\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
 add default HISADDR
 disable dns
 disable ipv6cp pred1 mppe


add set log all to ppp.conf or : just connect on interactive mode by issuing ppp with no options:
# ppp
ppp> term
# check PIN status
+CME ERROR: SIM failure
# check network connected
3. Unsolicited messages (UMs?)

Both the modem and monitor ports continually stream +ZUSIMR:2 at 2 second intervals, and UMs? cause a problem with AT commands. The response to an AT command should be interleaved with the UMs?, but it turns out that to guarantee to get the response, you must start reading the port at least 2 secs. before sending the AT command. But modem AT drivers (including in NM) work by sending the command, then reading the response. This results in missed responses, and is the primary reason for NM failing to get an initialisation response to the modem, and hence unable to dial. I haven't been able to find out what +ZUSIMR means, but it must be something to do with SMS, because if you issue any version of the AT+CPMS command, the stream of UMs? stops permanently on both ports (until you plug the modem in again). As with setting the tty modes, this has a dramatic effect in making the modem reliable.

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