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How to set up the timeouts

  • To disable screen blanking, run xset s off
  • To make the screen blank after 600 seconds of user inactivity, run xset s 600
  • To put the display to standby after 100 seconds, to suspend after 200 seconds, and turn it off after 300 seconds, run xset dpms 100 200 300
  • To disable power saving, run xset dpms 0 0 0
  • To make the screen blanking display thee X11 logo on a blue background instead of displaying a solid black screen, run xset s noblank
  • To make the screen blanking display a solid black screen (default), run xset s blank
  • View current settings xset q

How to change the screen state immediately

  • To blank the screen, run xset s activate
  • To unblank the screen, run xset s reset
  • To turn the screen off, run xset dmps force off
  • To activate the suspend power-saving mode (good savings, good resume time), run xset dpms force suspend
  • To activate the standby power-saving mode (minimal savings, very quick resume time), run xset dpms force standby
  • To turn the display on, run xset dpms force on; xset s reset (the latter is necessary because the screen was blanked automatically when power saving was activated).

from http://ptspts.blogspot.com/2009/10/screen-blanking-dpms-screen-saver.html