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F@ck this job

Recommended viewing: F@ck this job, a documentary about Дождь (Dozhd) the last independent TV channel in russia. Saw it yesterday in german online at the german ARD tv mediathek.

It gives some insight into some of the backstory to our current war tragedy, to the part of russian society that fights against Putin, and to the repression they face.

Update 2022-03-03: Only one day after I've seen the documentery, the journalists of the дождь tv channel decided to temporarily pause their work. This is due to the new media laws that come into force tomorrow in russia. These laws threaten to punish journalists with up to 15 years in jail for spreading "fake information" about the war that is supposedly not a war.

I watched the last broadcast of the channel live on youtube. The last words said on air were: Нет войне! ... No to war!